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Belgrade stairs

Belgrade stairs

In many ways Belgrade seems to resemble other European cities but is also quite distinctive from the rest. His openness and free spirit derive from the time of the so-called ‘’liberal communism’’, when, unlike the cities of the then ‘’Eastern Bloc’’ countries, was a kind of oasis of freedom, center of cultural events and in some ways, a point of connecting the Eastern Europe with developed West.

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Although the last twenty years of isolation have left their mark on Belgrade, freedom and enthusiasm that he has always been adorned with, did not disappear. On the contrary, new, open, young, seem to be re-transmitting through the city. Belgrade is traditional and cosmopolitan, poor and rich, disorganized and cultured, Eastern and Western, Mediterranean and Slavic city.
To help you understand and accept the specifics of Belgrade let you be familiar with some of the city’s curiosities.


People and Customs

What Belgrade makes irresistible are its inhabitants. As soon as you arrive in this city, you will have the impression you already know all the people, because Belgraderians are receptive and friendly. They are also laid-back and proud. Belgradians deal with their life as they have dealt with their past- with humor, joy, and laughter.

In Belgrade, almost everyone speaks a foreign language, which may seem odd at first.The reason for this lies in the fact that Belgrade has always been an open city. Even during the communist rule schools taught English, French, German, and the citizens of the former Yugoslavia were allowed to travel internationally without visas. Even if by some chance they do not understand you, Belgraderians will try to help you in every way! Do not refuse a Belgradian’s help for they are happy to have you in their city and they will show you that Belgrade is an urban and vibrant capital instead of destroyed city in a forgotten part of Europe. The citizens of Belgrade embody a “Mediterranean Spirit’’ although they do not live by the sea! They adore leisure, good weather and endless coffee breaks. They like to come out to  show up, to see and be seen. Belgraderians like outings, gatherings and celebrations. They are temperamental and often very loud, both in joy, sharp debates, and sorrow… Do not let this drive you away or intimidate you.They are simply like this, living their lives wholeheartedly! Because of this, an open heart will not be missing if you are in need of help, or a guide to navigate the city.Belgraderians love discussions and they act like they know everything about all the issues. They will be open to talk about any topic, so feel free to express your own positions, just be prepared for constant switching, interruptions and loud debates. Go ahead, why not, this too is kind of experience here!


Meet briefly with some of the Serbian curiosities:

Celebration of ‘’Slava’’

Like most Serbs, Belgraderians love all kinds of celebrations. But, there is particular emphasis on family gatherings known as a ”Slava” (Saint Day). Slava is a unique day for every Serbian family and is celebrated in honor of a particular saint, which is the protector of a familly. If you have the opportunity to celebrate “Slava” in the home of a Belgrade family you will find yourself gathered around a feast of food, conversation, and joy. Every family has its own ‘’Slava’’ and the most frequent are: Sveti Nikola, Djurdjevdan, Krstovdan, Arandjelovdan …


In Belgrade, as well as in the whole of Serbia people kiss three times! Meaning, if you want to greet someone with a kiss (in some special occasion, or if you are very glad to meet somebody), you’re supposed to kiss three times on the cheek. Kissing is not common if you meet someone for the first time. In this situation, you simply shake hands.


Belgradians often toast.  You should always look into of the eyes of the one you cheers! “Ziveli’’ (Cheers) is the word of toast. Not looking one in the eyes is considered disrespectful.

Paying a bill

‘’Ja castim’’ (I am treating)… Did you know that Serbian is one of the few languages that has a special verb for this phenomenon? you will hear this much more often in Belgrade than in any other city in Europe. Paying for rounds of drinks or food here is more than just picking up the tab, it is a sign of respect and friendship. Splitting the bill is rare.

Hospitality is one of the main characteristics of the population of Belgrade, come here and see for yourself. CHEERS and  WELCOME!

Speech Street

Like all inhabitants of large cities, Belgradians have their own slang. Street language is a way of everyday informal communication.
We give you examples of Some words and phrases specific to bg slang for easy reference and smoother communication:

”Kod Konja”-slang for the popular meeting place on Republic Square, often simply called ”TRG” (Square).
”Terazije, Chesma”-gathering place on the most famous square in Belgrade- Terazije
‘Boulevard’-even though Belgrade has many boulevards, the term is commonly used for the largest boulevard in the city, King Aleksandar Boulevard
‘Knez”-Knez Mihailova, main pedestrian zone
”Silicon-valley” Strahinjica ban St, a trendy main street in town, a meeting place of local beauties and people who want to be seen
 ”Kafana” coffee-restaurant where you can feel a distinct atmosphere of Belgrade’s Bohemian, try the best gourmet cuisine and listen to local music
”We’re going to drink, coffee”-This often means ”to go out”, because in Belgrade almost nothing ends with a single drink

Street names and Cyrillic

Many street signs are only written in Cyrillic, which can make it difficult when exploring the city. We are here to help you to manage with this. Many streets due to the political climate have changed names.

For your convenience we give you a list of streets which, according to the official record, have changed their names (please note that both old and new names are in use).

Old name- New Name
Lower part of Zmaj Jovina st – KNEGINJE LJUBICE st
Part of Đure Đakovića st – VENIZELOSOVA st
Part of Đure Đakovića st – POENKAREOVA st
Part of Francuska st – ŽORŽA KLEMANSOA st
Part of 27. marta st – KRALJICE MARIJE st
Boška Vrebalova – GENERALA LEŠJANINA st
Narodnog fronta st – KRALJICE NATALIJE st
29. novembra st – BULEVAR DESPOTA STEFANA st
Božidara Adžije st – RADOSLAVA GRUJIĆA st
Đure Salaja st – DESANKE MAKSIMOVIĆ st
14. decembra st – CARA NIKOLAJA II st
Slobodana Penezića-Krcuna st – SAVSKA st
Partizanski put st – DRAGOSLAVA SREJOVIĆA st
Trg pobede st – MAGISTRATSKI TRG st
Tvornička st – ALEKSANDRA DUBČEKA st
Omladinski trg st- VELIKI TRG st

TAXIs and public transport

Taxi in Belgrade is a good option for  transportation means, because there are plenty of taxi operators and their prices are quite affordable for European standards. However, we recommend, while visiting the city, to avoid the taxi drivers with no official number or association name, as well as taxi drivers who gather around Main Railway station, or on exit of the airport Nikola Tesla.

They work independently and may charge you a much higher fare than the average. Every licensed taxi driver has the official sign of the organization and an oval white sign with a four digit number (a unique number for each taxi in the city).

Average prices run as given below:
Taxi companies often give discounts if you call them by phone to arrange a ride.

Beotaksi 970
Beogradski taksi 9810
Žuti taksi 9802
Lux taxi 303-3123
Pink taksi 9803

Travel on public transport

City transportation (GSP) includes: bus, trolleybus and tram. Tickets can be purchased at kiosks, retail stores, or onboard.
A single one-way ticket costs 60 RSD, unless purchased onboard which is then 80RSD. In the city there are also regular mini busses, express lines (marked E) and tickets for them you buy onboard. They are somewhat more expensive than regular tickets (about 120 RSD), but the ride is smoother and faster

Car ride and parking

If renting a car in Belgrade keep in mind that Belgradians drive quite briskly and temperamentally. Although Belgrade only has six bridges, daily traffic to/from Old to New Belgrade can be quite congested. Do not be surprised, scared or upset if someone is behind you and trumpets.

This is more a way for Belgradians to alleviate stress than it is to upset you.
Yellow ribbons on the roads are reserved for the passage of buses and taxis.

List of public garages
’’Obilićev venac’’
Obilićev venac 14-16
Working hours 00-24h

’’Zeleni venac’’
Kraljice Natalije 13
Working hours 00-24h
With elevator

Masarikova 4
Working hours 00-24h
With elevator

Airport complex
Working hours 00-24h

’’Pionirski park’’
Dragoslava Jovanovića st 2
Working hours 00-24h

’’Vukov spomenik’’
Corner of the streets  Kraljice Marije and Ruzveltova st
Working hours 00-24h

More about all the garages:

List of some major public parking:

Parking spaces for people with disabilities:

For information on parking zone



Belgrade has until recently been a haven for smokers. Smoking was allowed almost anywhere at any time of day, regardless of whether the space is opened or closed.
The new law banning smoking (which entered into force on 11.11.2010) restricts smoking in enclosed spaces.

Stores larger than 80 m2 must provide a special sections for nonsmokers. In the case of smaller shops it is up to the owner whether they offer a non-smoking area. A complete ban on smoking, however, applies to all public institutions and companies. All major hotels, hostels and other accommodation facilities in Belgrade also have non-smoking rooms.

Rates and food basket

Belgrade is considered to be one of the budget capitals of Europe. For a relatively small amount of money you can shop in Belgrade for fruits and vegetables; enjoy a drink at a cafe; or dine in a restaurant. Below is a list of the average market prices for Belgrade.

1 bread- about 50rsd
1 l of milk-80 rsd
1 kg of meat (beef) – about 600 RSD
1 kg of fruit-about 100 RSD
10 eggs-100 rsd
1 burger-about 200 RSD
1 can of beer in a store-about 80 rsd
1 chocolate (100g) – about 100 RSD
1 packs of cigarettes (Marlboro) – about 200 RSD
1 ticket for public transport-about 50 rsd
1 L of bottled water-about 50 rsd

People with disabilities

While although Belgrade is making efforts to equip the city to be handicap accessible, we are not as close to our goal as we would like to be. Therefore, it is recommended that people with disabilities use a private taxi service which can cater to their needs more efficiently than public transportation. However, progress is visible in that all new construction of large shopping centers, sport centers and public institutions are handicap accessible.


Unfortunately, Serbian society is still not open-minded enough to openly accept a gay and lesbian population. While most Belgradians tolerate the LGBT community, it is not advisable to show public affection with a same-sex partner. It should be noted, however, that Belgrade recently held it’s first Gay Pride parade in 2010 which shows promise of a more accepting future.

More on the gay-lesbian community in Serbia and Belgrade:


Belgrade is, by all international standards, a safe city. Namely, there are no ‘’forbidden’’ parts of the city where one should not go. Even at night one can see young people, even girls, as they wander the streets without fear. However, like all major cities, Belgrade has problems with theft. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to your personal belongings, especially while taking the public transportation (GPS) as pick-pockets can cleverly take your purses and wallets within seconds.

If you  do find that you have been a victim of theft, you can file a claim with the police.
The phone number of the Police: 92
MUP, Directorate of Immigration, Savska st. 35 tel: +381 (11) 36 18 956


The telephone number for Belgrade in the domestic (national) traffic is 011
Country code for Serbia in international traffic is 381. To call abroad from Belgrade you should dial the appropriate country code, eg. 00,  then country code for Serbia and the 381 area code (without 0) 11
Fixed operator in Serbia is Telekom.

Mobile operators are MTS Telekom, Telenor, VIP

Telekom-networks  064 i  065
Call center (00-24) 064-789

Telenor- networks
062 i 063
Call center (00-24) 063-9863

VIP Mobile- networks 060 i 061
Call center 060-1234

Internet cafés:
Belgrade City Library, Zmaj Jovina 1, tel. 630-627
Internet kafe, Svetogorska st 18
Internet kafe, Vuka Karadžića st 12, tel. 637-721
IPS Bookstore, Makedonska st 4, tel. 323-3344
”Maverik”, Dom omladine, Makedonska st 22, tel. 322-2446
Net Kafe, Branka Krsmanovića st 18a, tel. 340-7965
Plato Bookstore, Akademski plato square 1, tel. 303-0633
Platonet, Vasina st 19, tel. 323-1560
S-Soft, Zetska st 5, tel. 323-1560
Yellow Yard, Kumanovska st 6, tel. 344-1123

Hotspots wi-fi zones also exist in many of Belgrade’s cafes, restaurants and hotels…

Visas and foreign…

Visas and foreign representative offices

For most visitors from Western and neighboring countries no visa is needed for up to 90 days stay in Serbia. Citizens of certain countries still need to obtain a visa for any travel within Serbia. For the visas can be applied in consulates and embassies of Serbia.To enter Serbia all travelers need a valid passport. The exceptions are citizens of the EU countries, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which only need a valid ID card.
It is desirable to always have your passport with you, but often your hotel will request you to leave your passport with them as collateral, therefore it is advisable to have a photocopy of your passport as back-up.


Albanija Bulevar Kralja Aleksanda 25a +381 11 3066642
Alžir Maglajska 26b +381 11 3671211
Angola Vase Pelagića 32 +381 11 3690241
Argentina Knez Mihailova 24/I +381 11 2623751
Australija Čika Ljubina 13 +381 11 3303400
Austrija Kneza Sime Markovića 2 +381 11 3031956
Belgija Krunska 18 +381 11 3230018
Belorusija Deligradska 13 +381 11 3616938
Bolivija Slobodana Jovanovića 32 +381 11 2757819
BiH Milana Tankosića 8 +381 11 3291277
Brazil Krunska 14 +381 11 3239781
Bugarska Birčaninova 26 +381 11 3613980
Burma (Mijanmar) Kneza Miloša 72 +381 11 2645128
Čile Cakorska 3 +381 11 3670403
Kanada Kneza Miloša 75 +381 11 3063000
Kina Lackovićeva 6 +381 11 2662737
Kongo Diplomatska kolonija 3 +381 11 2664131
Hrvatska Kneza Miloša 62 +381 11 3610535
Kupa Ljube Jovanovića 9a +381 11 3692441
Kipar Diplomatska kolonija 9 +381 11 3692441
Češka Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 22 +381 11 3672909
Danska Neznanog junaka 9a +381 11 3670443
Egipat Andre Nikolića 12 +381 11 2650585
Finska Birčaninova 29 +381 11 2646322
Francuska Pariska 11 +381 11 3023500
Gabon Takovska 20 +381 11 3233882
Nemačka Kneza Miloša 74-76 +381 11 3064300
Gana Ognjena Price 50 +381 11 3440856
Velika Britanija Generala Ždanova 46 +381 11 2645055
Grčka Francuska 33 +381 11 3226523
Gvineja Ohridska 8 +381 11 3444840
Holandija Simina 29 +381 11 3282332
Mađarska Krunska 72 +381 11 2440472
Indija Ljutice Bogdana 8 +381 11 2664127
Indonezija Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 18 +381 11 3674062
Iran Ljutice Bogdana 40 +381 11 3674360
Italija Birčaninova 11 +381 11 3066100
Izrael Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 47 +381 11 3672401
Japan Vladimira Popovića 6 +381 11 3012800
Jordan Kablarska 28 +381 11 3691922
Severna Koreja Dr. Milutina Ivkovića 9 +381 11 2668739
Republika Koreja Užička 32 +381 11 3285648
Liban Diplomatska kolonija 5 +381 11 3675153
Libija Sime Lozanića 6 +381 11 2663445
Makedonija Gospodar Jevremova 34 +381 11 3284924
Maroko Sanje Živanovića 4 +381 11 3690288
Meksiko Ljutice Bogdana 5 +381 11 3674170
Norveška Užička 43 +381 11 3670404
Pakistan Bulevar Mira 62 +381 11 2661676
Peru Terazije I, II/5 +381 11 3221197
Poljska Kneza Miloša 38 +381 11 2065301
Portugal Vladimira Gaćinovića 4 +381 11 2662895
Filipini Zidarska 8 II/22 +381 63 356320
Rumunija Kneza Miloša 70 +381 11 3618327
Rusija Deligradska 32 +381 11 3611323
Sejšeli Beogradskog bataljona 42 +381 11 3547309
Sirija Aleksandra Stamboljskog 13 +381 11 2666124
Slovačka Bulevar umetnosti 18 +381 11 2223800
Slovenija Zmaj Jovina 33a +381 11 3282225
Španija Prote Mateje 45 +381 11 3440231
Šri Lanka Žanke Stokić 21 +381 11 3690245
Švajcarska Birčaninova 27 +381 11 3065820
Švedska Ledi Pedžet 2 +381 11 2069160
Tunis Vase Pelagića 19 +381 11 3691961
Turska Krunska 1 +381 11 3332400
Ukrajina Bulevar oslobođenja 87 +381 11 3978987
SAD Kneza Miloša 50 +381 11 3619344
Zair Nemanjina 21/3 +381 11 2661188
Zimbabve Tolstojeva 51 +381 11 2664731

Important phone…

Important phone numbers and links

For emergencies and useful information here is a list of the most important phone numbers in Belgrade. Emergencies:
Police – 92
Firefighters – 93
Emergency Services – 94

The exact time – 95
Telegrams by telephone – 96
Application of international calls – 901
AMSS road assistance – 987
Various sports information – 9814
Orthodox religious holidays and customs – 9822
Meteorological Data – 9823
Lottery and sports pools – 9844

24-hour pharmacies:
Pharmacy Prvi maj, Kralja Milana 9, Beograd, tel +381 11 3241 349
Pharmacy Sveti Sava, Nemanjina 2, tel. +381 11 2643 170
Pharmacy Zemun, Zemun, Glavna 34, tel +381 11 2618 582
Pharmacy Bogdan Vujošević, Goce Delčeva 30, tel +381 11 2601 887
Pharmacy Miroslav Trajkovic, Požeška 87, tel. +381 11 2543 877
Pharmacy Gornji grad, Lazarevac, Dr Đorđa Kovacevica 27, tel. +381 11 8129 610

24-hour emergency hospitals:
Ambulance (Gradski zavod za hitnu medicinsku pomoć), Bulevar Franše D’Eperea 5, tel 94
Ambulance, Ambulanta za odrasle, tel +381 11 3615001 lokal 119
ER, Pasterova 2, tel +381 11 3618 444
ER for cardiology from 00 do 24 h all Clinical Hospital Centers in Belgrade

24-hour dental clinics: is this 24 hour sevice? yes
Dental Service Health Center Vračar, Kneginje Zorke 15, tel +381 11 2441 413
Dental Service  Health Center Stari Grad, Obilićev venac 30, tel +381 11 2635 236

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