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Restaurant Moon Sushi Bar

Restaurant Moon Sushi Bar

First in our family, MOON Sushi Bar in Makedonska 30 (EuroCentar) is a contemporary design restaurant, an ideal place for your business meetings, family lunch or free time with your friends. Our delicious sushi, maki, soups, teriyaki, yakitori, salads, as well as extraordinary appetizers are made of top quality ingredients by highly experienced chefs.  Our unique concept offers you wast range of innovative dishes while the choice of wines and drinks is carefully selected to perfectly accompany the menu. Choice of music at MOON Sushi Bar adds to the ambient – playlist is based on chill/lounge/jazzy sound.  MOON Sushi Bar is designed to give you a feeling of pleasure, no matter if you are having lunch, dinner or just enjoying an afternoon cup of tea. Opened in 2009, MOON Sushi Bar in Makedonska 30 (EuroCentar) quickly became the leader in Japanese/fusion cuisine.

Makedonska 30 ( Eurocentar), tel. +381 11 33 44 569, 09-23h and 10-02h , Japanese and fusion food


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