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Serbs are mostly Orthodox Christians, very religious and adhere to their traditions. After the fall of communism, the people started to turn back to their religious roots looking to restore their tradition, spirituality and culture.
Note: the church is entered in a peaceful manner, conservative dress is requested (for men, long pants; for women, covered shoulders and knees).

Catholic Church

  Even in Roman times, Belgrade was diocese. Kingdom of Serbia and the Apostolic See signed Concordat in 1914 for establishing the Archdiocese of Belgrade. In addition to diocesan priests, monks and nuns also serve here (Jesuits, Franciscans, and Salesians land lazarists). The diocese issued a religious magazine “Blagovest” which is published four times a year. In Belgrade there are also ... Read More »


  Belgrade Synagogue was opened in the summer of 1926 and is located in downtown. Society of Belgrade Ashkenazi Jews bought the land for the construction of the synagogue from City Hall. It had originally honored Ashkenazi rituals of Belgrade Jews congregations who spoke Yiddish. Today, mostly members of the small community of Sephardic Jews who survived the Holocaust and remained living ... Read More »

Bajrakli Mosque

  Bajrakli mosque was built in the 16th century and is the main city mosque. It is in Gospodar Jevremova St, 11, at the Dorcol. In the mosque there is the madrasah, religious secondary school. According to the latest census of  2002, more than twenty thousand Muslims live in Belgrade. Get direction to Bajrakli Mosque   Read More »

Rakovica Monastery

  Rakovica Monastery is located near the center of Belgrade. (11 km away), on the road leading to the Avala mountain. Monastery with its church dedicated to St. Archangel Michael and Gabriel was built during the reign of Prince Lazar. By the decision of Patriarch German in 1959. monastery was turned into a nunnery. Today, this church is known as ... Read More »

Cathedral Church

  Cathedral Church and Patriarchy of Serbian Orthodox Church Church of St. Michael Archangel is situated in the old town center across from the Serbian Patriarchate. Built in 1837-1840 on the request of Mihailo Obrenovic and today is one of the most important shrines of the Serbian people. The main architect was Adam Friedrich Kwerfeld. The interior of the church is richly decorated. Gilded ... Read More »

Church of St. Alexander Nevsky

  Church of St. Alexander Nevsky In place of the old church from 19th century, the new larger church was built in 1929. Plans for the construction were made by Jelisaveta Načić. Present wall compositions were painted in th al  secco technique by monk Naum Andric in period 1970-72.   Get direction to Church of St. Alexander Nevsky   Read More »


  Sv.Petka and Church of the Virgin Mother Built in 1867, is located on Kalemegdan in the immediate vicinity of the church Ružica. The present chapel was built in 1937. Unusual location and a nice ambience of Kalemegdan Park give this church special charm and beauty. Address: Kalemegdan Fortress, Kalemegdan 6   Get direction to Sv. Patka   Read More »

Church of St. Mark

  Built 1931-1940 and llocated at Tasmajdan, one of the most beautiful city parks. Today’s church was built on the site of the old church from 1835 in Serbian-Byzantine style. In the southern part there is a sarcophagus with the relics of Emperor Dusan, and on the north, the tomb where the remains of Patriarch German are. The church has ... Read More »

Temple of St. Sava

  The idea of building a monumental Orthodox church in Belgrade dates from the late 19th century. In 1926, after several competitions, the architectural design of Bogdan Nestorović was accepted. Construction was interrupted in 1941 due to beginning of the World War II. Years later, as a result of the bombing and neglect of the government at the time, continuing construction ... Read More »

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