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Restaurant Franš

Restaurant Franš

“Franš“ is Belgrade. It’s a first-rate of social life, where you show your new clothes, where you present your new love, make business arrangements and celebrate your birthday.

‘’Franš’’ That’s the stairs and glamorous garden … The lamps and pleasant atmosphere…The paravane with glued corks that have marked a lot of break ups and reconciliations, political victories, business success and the excellent school marks.

‘’Franš’’ means all diopter glasses for those who can not see well, it’s a blanket to wrap in the garden during chilly nights, candy mints on the way out and rose for each lady, on Fridays and Saturdays. It means gifts for those who are celebrating birthdays and friendly waiters who sing the birthday song, colored umbrellas when it’s pouring outside, and it means Julio, Eros, Charles Aznavour, Norah Jones, and light jazz for lunch. It means toys and menus for children, and even bibs, it means thickly lined pictures on the walls and of course the fountain in the garden which reminds of Paris.

A pleasant atmosphere and a permanent glorification of life , excellent food and the feeling that you are always more than welcome, the smell of elegance and nice perfumes, the relaxation for being among your friends, it s a place that nothing in Belgrade can be compared to. ‘’Franš’’ has the measure. It has people. ‘’Franš’’ is the modern history of Belgrade, it represents great memories that have passed, and all the memories that are yet to be made.

Nothing is accidental.
Belgrade loves ‘’ Franš’’.
Belgrade is ‘’Franš’’.

Bul. oslobođenja 18a, tel. +381 11 26 41 944, 09-01h


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