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Dorm One Hostel Belgrade
Dorm One Hostel Belgrade

Dorm One Hostel Belgrade


Dorm One Hostel is the first urban hostel in Belgrade. It is located in the vibrant nightlife and cultural area Savamala. It is easy to reach, only minutes away from the main bus and train station. From the airport the bus line 72 stops at the Branko’s bridge station, just across the street where the hostel is.

Experience the spirit of building built in 1870, the vibes of an old club that entice you to dance and creativity that permeates the whole Savamala urban district in the heart of Belgrade. The redesigned industrial night club interior, cozy atmosphere and friendly staff will definitely make your stay unforgettable.

Hostel is spacious with capacity of 28 beds in two dorm-rooms. Each room has 7 bunk beds with shared bathroom and kitchen. The wide, interestingly designed common area and rooms have an astonishing view over the Branko’s bridge and the Sava River, which makes the whole ambient even more appealing. Cozy sofas situated next to the large windows give you opportunity to enjoy the view and city atmosphere even if weather is not as nice as you would like it.

Hostel offers free WiFi access, computer corner, as well as complimentary towels, bed linen, maps and tours. Laundry service and breakfast are on request.

The garden of the hostel, which can be used during the morning and afternoon, transforms into a lovely jazz bar “Bašta” in the evening.

Karadjordjeva 43
11 000 Belgrade, Serbia

Telefon: +381 64 2285055

E-post: dormonehostel@gmail.com

Webbplats: www.dorm-one.com


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