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Boulevard of King Alexander


Boulevard of King Alexander, once the Boulevard of Revolution is the longest street in the city (7.5 km). It extends along the entire urban Belgrade. It is so important in everyday life of Belgrade that Belgradians simply call it ”Boulevard” although Belgrade has 19 boulevards in total. National Assembly building, the Main post office, church of St. Mark and Tasmajdanski park dominate the initial part of the street.

The street is still stretching across the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Electrical engineering to Vuk’s monument. From Vuk’s Monument begins less urban part of the street, but the distinctive “Boulevard” spirit , with overladen small shops, green markets of Đeram and Cvetko, as well as several parks and a cafés (Mirijevo, Šestica, Jablanica) that lead to further settlement of Mali Mokri Lug outside the urban core of the city.

In the Boulevard you can also see the first so-called ”bedroom” for trams (across from the headquarters building of  Municipality of Zvezdara), where the first tram-ride began. (14.10.1892. line:  Slavija- Kalemegdan).


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