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Nikola Pasic Square


Nikola Pasic Square is located between Terazije, Boulevard of King Alexander and street Dečanska, and is the youngest Belgrade square. It was built in 1953 along with a fountain. The formation of the square started after World War II. Then tram turntable was relocated, the fountain was constructed and the buildings like the House of Trade Unions and the City Administration were built. During the years of communism square was named “Marx and Engels Square.

Monument of the famous Serbian politician and diplomat Nikola Pasic was erected on square 1988, and then the name of the square had changed to ‘’Nikola Pasic square’’.
In the back of the square is a famous passage of Belgrade ‘’Bezistan” that connects the Pasic square with Terazije. The city authorities are currently working on a project for Bezistan refreshments and restoring it to it’s original concept of a mini shopping area with souvenir shops and rest area.

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