Terazije is the most famous Belgrade square. Forming of the core of the square began in the 19th century when the city’s artisans, especially blacksmiths and coppersmiths started to build their major homes. In 1860 Terazije fountain was built as a symbol of the square and of the city which continues to this day. On the turn from 19th to 20th century the square became the center of social life of civil Belgrade.

In 1860 hotel ”Casino” was built at Terazije square. The current hotel is built in 1922. on the foundations of the old one. At the site of the former ”Dusan city tavern” there was a tavern named ”At the Golden Cross’’, where in 1896 the first cinema show was held. One of the most representative buildings in the city, the hotel “Moscow” was built in 1906. It represents the real gem of the Art Nouveau style. On the foundations of the old Balkan Hotel, in 1936 the new hotel was built and was recently renovated. Before the start of World War II the Terazije Theatre was built. Finally, in 1983, at the turn of the Nikola Pasic Square and Terazije, the monument was erected, in honor to the patriots who were hanged by the German fascists on Terazije on August, 17, 1941.


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