Oplenac, the unofficial capital of the Karageorgevich dynasty, is located on a hill above Topola, eighty kilometres south of Belgrade.

Oplenac features the magnificent mausoleum of the Karageorgevich royal family, which may be seen from great distances and represents a specific road-sign towards Topola. The Church of St. George was during the early 20th century and is one of the most beautiful orthodox churches in the world. The inside of the church is covered with mosaics from floor to ceiling, showing biblical scenes, kings and saints.

The design of a large number of replicas of the most significant and beautiful frescoes from Serbian medieval monasteries took more than 60 million colourful pieces. Vožd Karageorge, two kings, two dukes, princes, princesses and other members of the royal family were buried in the crypt of the church. Royal villas and vineyards, wine cellars, and the house of the King Peter I the Liberator, currently featuring a museum and a gallery, may be seen in Oplenac. Karageorge’s town – an authentic place from the period of the First Serbian Uprising against the Turks in 1804, may be visited in the nearby town of Topola, including Karageorge’s house and a small church.

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