Carska Bara

Carska Bara


Carska Bara used to be the favourite hunting ground of prince Rudolf and arch-duke Franz Ferdinand, who were not destined to become Austrian emperors, though they gave Carska bara its name (“Royal Pond”).

Today this is a nature reserve with a permanent hunting ban. The reserve extends over almost 1,700 hectares and includes Carska Bara, Perleska Bara and Tiganjica, as well as the old bed of the Begej River. This is one of the richest settlements of rare birds, plants and diverse small and large animals.

The marsh abounds with numerous species of fish, from bream and crucian carp to catfish and common carp. Many canals are open for kayaking, boating or pedalling; a specific attraction is cruising through the Banat jungle – the boat operates once a week and can take some 50 persons. The castle of Ečka is located in its vicinity where, according to tradition, Franz List had his first concert as a nine-year boy in 1820.

Carska bara is located some 80 kilometres from Belgrade.

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