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Restaurant Bahus

restoran club bahus

Bul. Nikole Tesle bb, tel. +381 11 30 15 083, 10-24h www.bahus.rs   Get direction to Restaurant Bahus   Read More »

Restaurant Kalemegdan Terrace

Kalemegdan Terrace

Kalemegdanska terasa, a restaurant with tradition and an oasis of hedonism in the historical core of Belgrade – The Kalemegdan fortress, is a perfect blend of modern and traditional impressions for all senses. The special enjoyment in food is the result of Chef Ljubiša Stojanović’s unique Menu – distilled from his rich experience and containing dishes made of entirely organic ... Read More »

Ethno Restaurant Zlatar

Ethno Restaurant Zlatar

The Zlatar restaurant was opened in 1985. It is owned by the Popovic family originating from Mileseva located at the foot of Mount Zlatar. The restaurant is famous for its domestic cuisine and regional specialities. Thanks to its delicious dishes, top-class service and polite staff, this restaurant acquired regular guests amd became one of the most popular restaurants in Belgrade. ... Read More »

Restaurant Savamal

restaurant savamala

In 1910. in Savamala… Belgrade part of town, down on the river Sava… opened an a restaurant. Restaurant got the only name that was logic… Restaurant Savamala. This centenarian has witnessed many changes in Belgrade, and it self was going through changes. The only thing that has not been changed for all this time, was the quality of food and ... Read More »

Restaurant Manjez

Restaurant Manjez

Renovated to show the spirit of traditional upper-class Belgrade, irresistibly attracts aristocrats and bohemians thus representing a place that shows picturesque everyday life of Belgrade throughout centuries. Manjež lovers constantly seek for new ways of consuming life. Following the ways of art, beauty and elegance they reach the most exciting part – specialities of Serbian cuisine prepared by the recipes ... Read More »

Skadarlija Bohemian quarter


Skadarlija as it Once Was   DOWNLOAD –> Skadarlija brochuren or Get direction to Skadarlija Bohemian quarter This ambiental nook of Belgrade, still standing to this day, is preserved in the area of Skadarska Street around the bohemian Tri šešira inn. These were small houses, but a few of which remain. The house where the Tri šešira inn stands today is ... Read More »

Wine bar Kovac

Restoran Kovac

Address: Bulevar Oslobodjenja 221 Phone: +381 11 2626 267 Web: www.kovacgroup.com   Get direction to Wine bar Kovac   Read More »

Wine bar Podrum

Wine bar Podrum

Wine Art Wine Art was founded in Belgrade 27.09.2007. The main business is importing and distributing wine. The aim is to cover the range of the finest wines from major wine regions in the world and in Serbia. Wine List Our portfolio consists of  four wineries from Italy, two wineries in Australia and a winery from Serbia. WineArt  company is ... Read More »

Enoteka Premier

Enoteka Premier

Premier Wine shop began its business in 2002. in Zemun under the name ”Wine shop 24”. Moving to the city center in Strahinji?a Bana st, in the autumn of 2006. the name was changed to the current ”Premier”. This winery as part of its business has an online store wine. The choice of wines is really broad- from the wines ... Read More »

IN Vino Wine Bar


IN THE WATER YOU CAN SEE THE REFLECTION OF YOUR FACE, BUT IN WINE YOU CAN SEE THE REFLECTION OF YOUR SOULA Since the ancient days everybody spoke about the magic influence of wine. It was bright like an early spring day, it blushed like child’s’ cheeks, it was dark like somebody’s eyes, and it sparkled like bonfire, wine could ... Read More »

Green markets Zemun

Zemunska pijaca

Adress: Masarikov trg 17 Tel: +381112198948 www.bgpijace.rs   Get directions to green markets Zemun   Read More »

Green markets Djeram

Pijaca Djeram

Adress: Živka Karabiberovića 3 Tel: +38111242 34 51 www.bgpijace.rs   Get direktion to green markets Djeram   Read More »

Green markets Skadarlija “Bajloni”

Bajlonijeva pijaca

Adress: DŽordža Vašingtona bb Tel: +38111322 34 72, +38111322 43 31 www.bgpijace.rs   Get direktion to green markets Skadarlija “Bajloni”   Read More »

Green markets Zeleni venac

Zeleni venac

Adress: Jug Bogdanova bb Tel: +381112629 328, +381112627 246 www.bgpijace.rs   Get direktion to green markets Zeleni venac   Read More »

Green markets Kalenic


Adress: Maksima Gorkog bb Tel: +38111245 03 50, +38111243 09 57 www.bgpijace.rs   Get direktion to green markets Kalenic   Read More »

011 shop


Address: Gandijeva 99g / Lok:1 Phone: +381 65 88 12345 Working hours: 08-16h Web: www.011shop.rs   Get direktion to 011 shop   Read More »



Address: Palmotićeva 23 Phone: +381 11 323 64 29 Working hours: 12-20h Web: www.slic.rs   Get direction to Šlic   Read More »

Belgrade Design District

Belgrade Design District

Address: Čumićevo sokače bb Working hours: 12-20h Web: www.belgradedesigndistrict.blogspot.se Get Direction to Belgrade Design District   Read More »

Uppa Druppa

uppa druppa

Address: Takovska 25 Phone: +381 11 216 7581 Web: www.uppadruppa.co.rs   Get direction to Uppa Druppa   Read More »

Usce Shopping Center

Usce Shopping Center

Address: Bulevar Mihaila Pupina 4 Phone: +381 11 285 45 05 Working hours: 10-22h Web: www.usceshoppingcenter.com   Get direction to Usce Shopping Center   Read More »

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