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Belgrade has a lot of boulevards and squares, but its center is a labyrinth of small streets filled with greenery, where you will be so happy to stroll! Turn freely of the Knez Mihailova street to Karadjordjeva, from where you will descend to the river. Or, climb down to the Marine Dorćol by beautiful streets of the Upper and Lower Dorćol! Or simply let your feet take you! Around every corner something new is waiting for you, some new unforgettable sight!


  Slavija square covers the area between Kralja Milana, Beogradska, Makenzijeva, Svetosavska, Bulevar oslobodjenja, Deligradska and Nemanjina streets. Slavija is one of the city’s main landmarks  a major transport hub and unfinished urban complex, which is yet to be seriously edited.   Get direction to Slavija   Read More »

Nikola Pasic Square

  Nikola Pasic Square is located between Terazije, Boulevard of King Alexander and street Dečanska, and is the youngest Belgrade square. It was built in 1953 along with a fountain. The formation of the square started after World War II. Then tram turntable was relocated, the fountain was constructed and the buildings like the House of Trade Unions and the City Administration were ... Read More »


  Terazije is the most famous Belgrade square. Forming of the core of the square began in the 19th century when the city’s artisans, especially blacksmiths and coppersmiths started to build their major homes. In 1860 Terazije fountain was built as a symbol of the square and of the city which continues to this day. On the turn from 19th to 20th century ... Read More »

Students’ Square

  The oldest city square. Extends from  Vasa Carapic street, around the University Park and Uzun Mirko street. “Pazarište” or large urban market was opened here in 1824. The market was removed in 1927, and the whole area was turned into a park with the monuments to Josif Pancic and Dositej Obradovic. On the rims of the square Faculties of Philosophy, Philology and Mathematics are situated. ... Read More »

Republic Square

  Belgradians reference “At the Horse” as a meeting point for the city’s main square, which covers the area around the National Theater, City Restaurant, and the House of the Serbian Army. The square was formed after the destruction of Stambol gate in 1866. Stambol gate remains in the memory of the Serbian people as a place where horrible executions of impalement were carried ... Read More »

King Peter St.

  One of the oldest streets in the city. It is assumed that there once existed the Roman forum, basilica and baths (1st and 2nd century AD). Today the representative building of the National Bank of Serbia is situated here. This street marks many new beginnings. The first pharmacy opened for business (No. 8), the first city hotel, ‘’Kod jelena’’ (between Gracanicka ... Read More »

Boulevard of King Alexander

  Boulevard of King Alexander, once the Boulevard of Revolution is the longest street in the city (7.5 km). It extends along the entire urban Belgrade. It is so important in everyday life of Belgrade that Belgradians simply call it ”Boulevard” although Belgrade has 19 boulevards in total. National Assembly building, the Main post office, church of St. Mark and ... Read More »

Nemanjina street

  This name was given in 1896. The street becomes significant after the completion of construction of the Main Railway Station in 1884 when it became one of the main roads. Here some important buildings are situated such as the Government Headquarters, Embassies and various ministries. Serving as a reminder of the destructive bombing by NATO in 1999, stands a shell of the former building of the Federal ... Read More »

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