Belgrade is a city on two rivers, therefore, you must visit one of the many boat or raft restaurants that are anchored along the banks of the Sava and the Danube and sample some of the fish specialities.

Riblja čorba (Fish Broth) is an excellent way to start the meal. There are numerous competitions every year to crown the best fish broth, suggesting that there is no standard recipe. There are only excellent chefs and their well-kept secrets. Riblja čorba is prepared using a number of different species of high quality fish, plus various herbs and spices.

Šaran sa srpskim pilavom (Carp with Serbian Pilaff) – carp, rice, onion, tomato, white wine, paprika, salt, pepper and lemon. A fish must swim, so it is best to let it swim in white wine.

Smuđ na smederevski način (Smederevo Style Perch) – fillet of perch is prepared with onion, tomato, ground red pepper, parsley, a dash of white wine, lemon, salt and pepper. Of course, this dish should be accompanied by white wine.

Punjeni smuđ (Stuffed Perch) – fillet of perch stuffed with pršut (smoke-dried ham), onion, rice, roasted potatoes, and a touch of salt, pepper, parsley and white wine. Again, we recommend white wine to accompany this dish.

Pržena somovina (Fried Catfish) – for those who like to eat fish, but find fish bones off-putting, we recommend you sample this dish. Catfish steaks are fried in oil and served with boiled potatoes and lemon. You guessed it: white wine goes well with this dish.


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