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In Belgrade, there are many sites that are interesting and may be part of your tour. Although many magnificent buildings, monuments, archives and cultural institutions were irreparably destroyed throughout the centuries, Belgrade has still managed to hold on to some gems. Below is our recommendation for the TOP 5 sites not to miss on your White City tour!


  The oldest building in Zemun is the Fortress, and was mentioned in the writings of 9th and 11th century. Today’s remains date back to the 15th century. Gardos is one of the three hills that have sprung up in the historical center of Zemun (the other two are Calvary and Cukovac). Gardos is a charming combination of cobbled streets, ... Read More »


  The famous bohemian quarter of Belgrade since the 19th century! The spirit of old Belgrade, bars and old live music. Here you can eat well and drink regardless of whether it is day or night. Skadarlija can be your starting point for visiting Belgrade, the area of daily rest, or starting point for a crazy night out. This cobbled ... Read More »

Kosancic Square

  Going down the cobbled streets of Knez Mihailova Street towards the river, you are coming to the center of the old Belgrade spirit! Kosancic Square (Venac in  Serbian means ”wreath”) was named after the hero of the Battle of Kosovo, Kosancic Ivan. Kosancic Venac is located on a hill above the harbor on Sava river, shielding the peaceful spirit ... Read More »

Knez Mihailova St.


  Knez Mihailova Street is named after Prince Mihailo Obrenovic, one of the most important rulers of the modern Serbian state. This is the main pedestrian street where the Belgradians like to loiter, shop, and drink an espresso (or two). The street is a buzz with local street musicians and do not miss the lovely stalls at the end where ... Read More »



  For many centuries the fortress was consistently invaded, demolished ,and rebuilt. Reconstruction of the fort and the park began after the surrender of the fortress to Serbs in 1867, and according to the order of prince Milos Obrenovic. Renovations to the fortress began in 1890. The largest part of the preserved walls are located in Upper Town, as well ... Read More »

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