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The famous bohemian quarter of Belgrade since the 19th century! The spirit of old Belgrade, bars and old live music. Here you can eat well and drink regardless of whether it is day or night. Skadarlija can be your starting point for visiting Belgrade, the area of daily rest, or starting point for a crazy night out. This cobbled street is famous for authentic old café restaurants such as:

”Two Deers”, ”Three Hats”, ”Two White Doves”, ”Pitcher Gold”, ”There Are Days”, ”My Hat” as well as galleries, caffe clubs, antique and souvenir shops. In the 19-20th century, the street became a meeting place of many famous artists, poets, and writers. One of them is Djura Jaksic, a prominent Serbian poet, writer, and painter of the 19th century, whose monument is located in the middle of the street, in front of the house where he once lived.

Skadarlija was once a poorly lit, paved with cobblestones, as was the custom in Turkish times. The antique look is maintained today, but the space between the stones was poured concrete.

Thus was created the verse:

“At night,
in late hour,
I go down Skadarlija street,
to break my neck! “

In Skadarlija there is also a former Belgrade Beer Industry, bakeries, pastry shops, galleries and cafes, and even one school. There is a pub and shopping mall, and there is also few kiosks where you can buy traditional fast food.


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