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Daily life of Belgradians revolves around coffee. The first one in the morning, one for lunch break or during your wandering through the city, one in the afternoon with friends. “Let’s go for coffee” is a favorite expressions, and often replaces the standard ”want to meet up?”

Keep in mind that most Serbs drink tea “only when ill’’ so think twice if you’re about to ask for cup of tea!
Turkish, homemade, espresso, nescafé– in a word, coffee! It is an irreplacable part of life in Belgrade.
And do not forget, whether it comes to coffee, or some other drink, watch, unlike most of their Western compatriots, Belgradians continue to pay each other a drink (tours). This means that if you go out for a drink, someone from the group will pay the entire bill. This is quite casual custom and it is considered an insult to not agree with somebody to pay your drink. Of course, in the future, you’ll be expected to pay for coffee or drinks.

Remember, one of the most common sentences in the slang of Belgrade’s bohemian life is “Ja castim” (It is my treat!). With or without cause, ”paying the bill” is the matter of respect of your guest and part of the culture.

There are places in Belgrade, where you can still taste traditional home cooked coffee, Domaca (sometimes called “Turkish”), served with Turkish delight. We suggest you experience Domaca in one of the traditional cafés like Manjež or Kalenic.

Aviator Coffee Explorer


Address: Aviator Coffee Explorer Gramšijeva 9 Belgrade Serbia Open: Mon–Thu 7:00 AM–11:00 PM Fri 7:00 AM–11:30 PM Sat–Sun 8:00 AM–11:30 PM Features: Credit Cards – Yes Wi-Fi – Yes Get direction to Aviator Read More »

“Kafeterija” Coffee bar

polica na stepenistu

Address: 10 Zorza Klemenga, 11000 Belgrade Phone: +381 (011) 406 3969 Get direction to “Kafeterija” Coffee bar Read More »

Zrno Coffee Shop

Zrno coffee shop

Address: 52 Njegoševa, 11000 Belgrade Phone: +381 63 234368 Working hours: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm Zrno in fourssquare Get direction to Zrno Coffee Shop Read More »

Caffe OK.no

okno obilicev venac

Address: 17 Obilićev venac, 11 000 Belgrade Phone: +381 11 2629 072 Working hours: 07-02h   Get direction to Caffe OK.no Read More »

Caffe Skica

Caffe Skica

Address: 28 Kosancicev venac, Belgrade Phone: +381 11 2622446 Working hours: 08-24h   Get direction to Caffe Skica Read More »

Palacinkarnica Keops

Poslasticarnica Keops

Address: 22 Bulevar Nikole Tesle, Belgrade, Serbia Phone: +381 60 0373137 Working hours: 08-24h   Get direction to Poslasticarnica Keops Read More »

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