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Aranđelovac is located 75 km south of Belgrade, in the heart of Šumadija.

It is encircled by two mountains and its numerous thermal springs with healing properties attract a large number of tourists each year. The main street of Aranđelovac is the right place to take an evening stroll. This promenade abounds with small shops, old artisan shops and modern boutiques, traditional inns with chequered table cloths, next to modern restaurants offering international cuisine.

The centre of Banja is dominated by a park which extends over 20 hectares. The park was designed over 150 years ago and encompasses two landscaping styles which were dominant at that time. The segment of the park facing the hotel complex, hospital and baths was designed in the French style – with wide flower beds, tree alleys and symmetrical geometric shapes. The other, “English” segment of the park, oriented towards the foot of the mountain, is decorated with thick trees and groves and comprises several recreation paths. The rocky hill behind the town, between the Venčac and Bukulja mountains, is the location of the entrance to the Risovačka cave. This Palaeolithic cave is 180 m long.

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