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Museum of African Art

Museum of African Art

This museum arose out of the collection of original art items collected by Veda Zagorac and Zdravko Pečar, PhD during their long stay in Africa, and presented to Belgrade in 1974.

The collection contains approximately 1,800 art items, mainly from West African countries: Mali, Guinea, Senegal, Upper Volta, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Cameroon and Nigeria. The items represent part of the traditional culture of the peoples: Dogon, Bambara, Malinka, Mosi, Bobo, Baula, Kisi, Baga, Dan, Gere, Senufo, Ashanti, Fon, Yoruba… It is a collection of cult, magic, decorative and practical items made of wood, bronze, textiles, stone and ceramics: masks, sculptures, musical instruments, cloth, jewellery, applied objects and miniature bronze plastics (450 gold weighing weights from Ghana).



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