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Wine bar Podrum

Wine bar Podrum

Wine Art

Wine Art was founded in Belgrade 27.09.2007. The main business is importing and distributing wine. The aim is to cover the range of the finest wines from major wine regions in the world and in Serbia.

Wine List

Our portfolio consists of  four wineries from Italy, two wineries in Australia and a winery from Serbia. WineArt  company is an official distributor of wine in Serbia  of all these 7 wineries. Wine Art offers the domestic market over 30 different wine labels. And we do not stop there, our search for good wines continues.

Podrum Wineart

Podrum Wineart is located in the heart of Belgrade, at the corner of Visnjiceva  and Jevremova streets. This place captures with it’s beauty and an authentic blend of modern and rustic, to assure the most pleasant atmosphere for enjoying wines from around the world…

Address: Višnjićeva 7
Phone: +381 62 424 707
Web: www.wineart.co.rs


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